MOTD February 14th

Maybelline fit me matte and poreless liquid foundation
MAC Pro longwear Concealer NC20
Ben Nye banana powder to set
MAC Malefacent contour powder
MAC Melba and Well Dressed  powder blushes
ABH dip brow gel medium brown
Maybelline define a line brow pencil in dark blonde
NYX milk jumbo pencil underneath lower lash line
MAC Aquadesiac mixed with Feeling Fresh (from the summer ’12) collection and MUFE #93 shadow over top to set liner.
Sauce box étude palette nude shadow all over lid and up to brow bone, Feeling Fresh mixed with Aquadesiac all over lid with MAC Soft Brown to warm up crease and create a soft transition then darkened with Feeling Fresh and MUFE #60 shadow.
MAC Nylon in the inner crease and under the outer corner of the brow bone.
Maybelline Eye Studio gel liner in Blackest Black
House of Lashes Iconic lashes
Makeup Forever mascara Smoky Extravagent


As usual I kinda just put like 500 products on my lips, but it went kinda like this…

NYX SMLC in Tokyo, Prague in the outer corners

MAC Myth in the center

Lined my lips with Lise Watier pencil liner (name’s worn off but it’s just a fuschia colour)


Real Techniques buffing brush

Real Techniques contour brush

Sigma F40,E25,E60,E40,E80,E35,

MAC 263, 188,232

Bdellium tools 785

Sonia Kashuk No. 116



    Face: NYX Matte But Not Flat liquid foundation in 03 Ben Nye Banana Powder MAC Pro Longwear concealer in NC20 MAC Powder Blush in Melba LOTS of Tarte Amazonian Clay Park Ave. Princess bronzer on the high points of my face. … Continue reading 



Face: NYX Stay Matte Not Flat liquid foundation in 03 Ben Nye Banana Powder MAC Pro Longwear concealer in NC20 MAC Powder Blush in Well Dressed MAC sculpting powder in  (AB3?) from the Maleficent collection MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle Eyes: MAC Pro … Continue reading 

Going silver!


Hello beauties!   My computer was out of comish for the week so I wasn’t able to upload this sooner, but I wanted to tell ya’ll a little bit about my experience getting my hair done last Friday! I’ve wanted … Continue reading 

OOTD- If I was in Coachella


photo credit


 photo credit

So this my first real kind of OOTD for MOTD that I’ve posted, but I really enjoyed putting this look together. I felt like I was playing dress up! So here are the deets. It’s not quite warm enough yet in Vancouver to rock shorts and crop tops quite yet, but the weather today was deceiving! It’s also the first week of Coachella so I wanted to put together a “if I was in Coachella” outfit/look. P.S. Sorry for the horrendous picture quality. I’ll definitely be using my Canon next time!

photo 1


photo (1)

photo 3

The kimono is a DIY that I did and the video where I learned how to do it is here.

[Go check this girl out, she does really cool things.]


The shorts are also a DIY from the same girl!


The crop top is from Forever21


Wedges are from Aldo (and are wrecked as sh*t haha)


*Normally I’d rock a pair of converse when going anywhere, but I wanted to dress it up a bit more than my usual self.


Necklace is PacSun


Watch is Fossil


Rings are Forever21 and Rubio (in Tofino)


Nails are Revlon “flirt” (And might I add that I am OBSESSED with this color!! And I never wear one color for more than a day or so, but I’ve been wearing this color for almost a week!!)






photo 2

I kept this as simple as possible:


My usual base makeup, MAC foundations (mixed), Maybelline Super Stay 24 hour concealer and Ben Nye Banana powder to set.


Nars laguna bronzer and BenNye shadow to contour, MAC soft and gentle to highlight


Eyes- MAC paint pot in soft ochre all over lids, set with a translucent or natural colored shadow


Covergirl bombshell mascara


Brows: BenNye shadows to fill brows, with Marcelle brow pen


Lips are Revlon Matte Balm stain (I can’t remember the name! :( but I think they still make it!)


This is probably exactly the makeup I’d wear (with a setting spray) to a festival like Coachella. (I might swap for waterproof mascara) There’s not too much going on so it’s not hard to maintain throughout the day if you must. You could also play around with the eyes a little more for a dramatic effect. A bright liner might look cool!



Hope you’re all enjoying Spring so far!




Let’s talk about our skin…

How many people have heard of reflexology? Well, the same principles of reflexology can be used for face mapping in that certain parts of your face are linked to parts of our body.

**disclaimer: All of this is information I’ve found through research on the web and personal experience. I am far from a dermatologist. I did learn a bit about skin through some biology courses and through my schooling at Blanche.

I wasn’t originally going to write this blog as I thought (with many of my posts) that people would already know this and I’d be just one of the hundreds of others writing a post on something that’s over-talked. However, over the last week, I’ve had quite a few people come to me with concerns about their complexion. The common and majority problem being they have been facing breakouts in uncommon areas. So, I figured I’d get it out there and hopefully some of you won’t find this too boring, but rather interesting and informative :)


photo credit

As you can see, the face is divided into certain areas which each correspond to certain parts of our body . So, when you experience a breakout in a certain uncommon, or even reoccurring area this can explain a lot about what’s going on inside of us to create this problem in the first place!



(Digestive system)

Eat healthy! This is the area you are going to break out in if you’ve been eating too much junk/processed foods. This also a common place to break out if you are using a new hair product that doesn’t agree with your skin. Make sure you are washing your face in the morning and before bed and following that with a toner, getting all around your hairline. And as always, make sure to drink plenty of water!


2.Between da Browsss


Been consuming a little too much liquor lately? That would be why you’re breaking out here. This is also a common area if you’re like me and love to pack on the brow products. because thick hair grows here (technically we have hair all over our face), the pores are a little more dialated so it’s easy for them to get clogged. It’s very important to make sure your makeup is completely gone when washing your face. Using a exfoliating scrub a few days a week around this area helps too and will also prevent ingrown eyebrow hairs :)




If you are breaking out further away from your eyes, this can be similar to the forehead breakouts and the cause could be the same. However, closer to the eyes can be a sign of dehydration. Make sure to drink that H2O!!




How is your blood pressure? I would never have thought to check my blood pressure in hopes that it would tell me anything about my acne but it’s true! A healthy heart, an acne free nose. That’s not all of it though. If your makeup is past its expired date, it may be clogging your pores, which like in the brow area are usually more enlarged. You can use a scrub in this area as well.


5.Left Cheek

(Liver/Respiratory system)

The cheeks in general are a very common place to break out as they come in contact with a lot. Your phone, your hands, pillow cases, other peoples faces… ?? It’s just a dirty area, trust me. However, you can see more breakouts here if you’ve been eating unhealthy foods or if you’ve been smoking, or in smoky areas.


6.Right Cheek

(Lungs/Respiratory system)

The right cheek breakouts are almost identical to the breakouts on the left cheek (Your dirty phone, your dirty hands, smoking…) But especially if you smoke, you will probably see some breakouts here. Your lungs are not happy!


7.Lip Area

(Plain old dirt)

No, I didn’t actually find what this area is linked to, but it is a common place to breakout if you’re using a new toothpaste that doesn’t agree with your skin, or if you’ve been eating fatty foods and not getting your mouth quite cleaned up. Also, smoking.




Ah yes, the place we women all fear the most at that time of the month. The infamous chin breakouts. This area will go crazy for most women around that time because it’s where our bodies love to purge excess crap and also it is common to experience cystic pimples in this area too. THEY ARE THE WORST! The best advice I can think of if you know you are prone to breaking out here is to pump up the water intake around this time, bring out that facial scrub, eat clean and try to avoid wearing heavy makeup in that area. I know that sounds like a lot but it is crucial if you want to avoid them. Some women still just have the worst breakouts there even after all of that, so in that case it’s a safe bet to visit a dermatologist. In the past, I’ve also heard that going on or off birth control (as it hella messes with your hormones) can lead to a war in this area as well, but as I said, do what you can to keep your largest organ clean and if that doesn’t work, seek professional help!


Thanks for reading and good luck!!


Cass Xo


Looking for a good dry shampoo


So, today I decided that I finally needed to purchase another dry shampoo. In the past I’ve used Dove (aprox. $7 for 200 mL) , Got2B (aprox. $7 for 208 mL) and Marc Anthony (aprox. $14 for 150 mL). I’ve also used Oribe (aprox. $20 for  75 mL) which doubles as a texturizing spray and dry shampoo. I hadn’t used one in a long time (not too sure why) but I finally got fed up and went to Shopper’s to make a quick and simple purchase. I strolled through the hair products isle wondering if I should make a re-purchase or buy something new. I had heard rave reviews about Batisite dry shampoo and after “hmm-ing” and “haa-ing” I decided to go with the Batiste XXL Volume spray. I was just about to head over to look at nail polish (my OBSESSION) when the beauty associate asked if I was finding everything okay. I mentioned I was looking at dry shampoos but found the one I liked. She asked if I had tried it before and I replied no. She then proceeded to demonstrate on her hand that when this particular dry shampoo is sprayed it comes out pure white and has a flaky consistency like powder or clay. I was SO relieved she had told me that as I had heard some dry shampoos did that but never thought to test them out like that. She mentioned a favorite of her’s (a Pantene brand one) but they didn’t have any left in stock. So, I went to the Dove spray which was my second choice, tested it out on my hand and voila! It was clear. AND it smelled GREAT. Thank God for associates like her! I mean, I do have very blonde hair but that was just WAY too white and I didn’t like the idea of having white flakes in my hair… Ew.



Photo Credit


December Favorites- and HELLO 2014!

Happy New Year!

I am so very happy to welcome this new year with the arrival of my very fist blog post here on Pacific Beauty! Of course I had to start the month off with my favs of the previous month. Watch the video here. The list is mainly skin care products with a few lip products as well.

The Revlon swatches:

Revlon matte lip balm stain striking

Revlon matte lip balm stain striking and shameless

revlon matte balm stain swatch striking

Revlon matte balm stain swatches (L) striking (R) shameless


All products reviewed are available at Shoppers Drug Mart except for the Tea Tree Night Lotion which can be found at The Body Shop.

I hope you all had a great Christmas/holiday season and an awesome New Year’s Eve. I will be posting tons more throughout the month and the rest of the year so stay tuned for more videos and blog posts! Make sure to follow me on my channel as well!!