Detoxifying Your Body

For a few years now I’ve been fairly conscious when it comes to what I eat, and what type of food I buy when grocery shopping. I wouldn’t call myself a  Vegan or even a Pescatarian, but I limit the amount of animal products and by-products I consume, and if I do buy meat/fish or poultry, It’s almost always organic and free range. Considering I live in one of the most expensive cities in North America and make an average wage, I think I do as much as I can to eat a sustainable and conscious diet. With that being said though, I’m always looking for inspiration and ways I can change up my diet and improve my overall health and well being.

Last Tuesday, I had the privilege of going to a talk on detoxifying your body through the use of natural supplements put on by Vitalia Healthcare. Hosted at Pure Integrative Pharmacy on 4th Ave in Kits, a small intimate group of us gathered to hear Dr. Tasreen Alibhai and my friend, Natasha Asselstine teach us a bit about what we can do to help cleanse our bodies of toxic compounds. Being a firm believer that beauty starts with your skin and health, I was eager to expand my knowledge on detoxification and see if there were ways that I could  achieve, not only a clearer complexion, but also if I could increase my energy and mood through nutrition.

There were two main points that I took away from the talk and I’ll touch on in this post, although I highly recommend if there’s a Vitalia event in the future that you can make it to, check it out, because it was informative and eye-opening!

The first point is what exactly our liver really does and how it does it. Our liver plays such a huge role in the detoxification  process within our bodies. Detoxification in the liver happens in 2 steps, phase 1 and phase 2.  Both phases together help convert fat soluble toxins into water-soluble molecules that can be excreted from our body through urine or stool. Enzymes called cytochrome p450 are produced in the liver during the first phase to help detoxify substances like medications, caffeine, alcohol, environmental pollutants and many food components.  Each phase requires certain nutrients to help the liver perform each function. Phase 1 requires B vitamins, Vitamin C, folic acid, copper and magnesium as well as anti-oxidants like glutathione, NAC, and lipoic acid. Phase 2 further detoxifies these toxins, allowing them to become water soluble and requires aspartic acid, glutamine, molybdenum, Vitamin B12 and sulphur. If you have troubles eating and digesting certain foods or liquids, there may be issues within your liver, however I would suggest consulting a professional first, before taking my advice.

The second point from the talk that I found insightful was what types of foods we can eat to obtain these very important vitamins and nutrients required to help our body do its job. Some examples are:

Whole grains (buckwheat, quinoa, brown rice), legumes, organic soy products, wild salmon, organic chicken
Anti-oxidant-rich foods
blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, pecans, cilantro
chlorophyll-rich foods
spinach, kale
cruciferous vegetables
broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy, cabbage
Sulphur-rich foods
eggs, garlic, onion
Vitamin B
nutritional yeast, eggs, whole grains and dark, leafy greens

One of my favorite places to shop for produce is the market on Granville Island


The talk ended with some questions and answers and then they did a draw for a nutritional supplement called MediClear which I was lucky enough to win! I’ve been taking that, along with my B50 complex and pro-biotic for almost a week now and I’ve noticed an improvement in my digestion, energy and, although it’s means breakouts, my skin is even starting to detox!

As I said before, I truly believe that beauty starts with your health, both physical and mental. Fueling your body with clean, nutrient-rich foods is so important, especially now since the agriculture industry has become so massive and knowing where your food comes from is vital.

Head over to Vitalia Healthcare’s website to learn more about the types of tests and cleanses they offer!

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