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I wanted to post a review on some new E.L.F products I tried out today. For Those of you who haven’t hear of E.L.F (Eyes Lips and Face), they’re a drugstore cosmetic brand that is outrageously affordable. Almost all there products are $3.99 Canadian. Not too sure why, because a lot of them are GREAT! They carry a lot of dupes for other brands and especially well known holy grail products!


The 3 that I picked up the other day were the HD Lifting concealer, the Under Eye Conceal and Highlight and the Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder.



HD Lifting Concealer

I wasn’t overly impressed with this concealer, but I mean, at $3.99 it wasn’t a total loss. It does conceal decently. I just don’t know about the “lifting” though. It claims to reduce the appearance of fine lines so I applied this concealer on areas around my eyes and forehead. Since I have been “baking” my foundation and concealer though, I’ve rarely noticed creasing so it’s hard to tell if the concealer was reducing the appearance of my fine lines or if it was because of the way I set my makeup. I’ll have to give it another try one day without the baking to see how it performs.  I also found this concealer darker than the Under Eye Conceal and Highlight concealer I got even though both claim to be for fair skin. This may be because under eye concealers generally have more of a lighter pinkish hue to them in order to brighten the  area, but I still found the HD concealer quite dark for a “fair skin” shade.


Under Eye Conceal and Highlight

Can’t say I was thoroughly impressed with this one either. I get what they were attempting to do with it but it just didn’t cut it for me. Firstly, I found there to be very little product in each end. It was brand new and I felt I had to scoop the product out. Both ends were also a very think consistency which I get is desirable for an under eye concealer, but it didn’t have good coverage. A surprising concealer which I’ve tried in the past which has rather thin consistency but has GREAT coverage (and is also affordable) is the Sephora Gel Serum concealer. I was super impressed by that one! The highlight end of the E.L.F concealer though was not too bad. It was just a light pearly cream which looked quite natural and pretty when patted over the cheekbones.


Contour Blush and Bronzing Powder

This product saved the other two’s butts. I’d heard that this bronzer and blush were dupes for NARS Laguna bronzer and Orgasm blush. They do look VERY similar. Performance wise, I would not rate it as high as NARS because it’s still a drugstore product, but in terms of colour payoff they are quite comparable! The bronzer isn’t too shimmery or matte and same for the blush. The gold flecks aren’t too chunky which I liked. For the price, I would continue to use this and possibly repurchase!


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I hope you enjoyed this review!