Going silver!

Hello beauties!


My computer was out of comish for the week so I wasn’t able to upload this sooner, but I wanted to tell ya’ll a little bit about my experience getting my hair done last Friday! I’ve wanted “silver” hair for as long as I can remember. Well, that may be exaggerating a bit, but my point is I REALLY wanted to get this done and now that its becoming a lot more popular, especially here in Vancouver I thought I would do it before everyone has silver hair hahah. I was very particular about who I went to because from what I’ve heard, silver  and in fact, blonde hair in general is just a tough colour to try and get right. Because of all the bleaching and toning that is required it can be quite damaging so I wanted to make sure I went to someone who I felt was professional enough and was also affordable. I mean, I’m not made of money and can’t exactly afford to pay someone $400. I will say however, that hair is like skin. It’s something you should not cheap out on. If you want to maintain healthy skin and healthy hair, you have to invest in it. This doesn’t always mean you need to buy the best of everything, but it isn’t going to be cheap. As a makeup artist I know that there are certain products you really don’t need to spend a lot on, but you can’t make your makeup look good if you’re not investing in good skin care. Even the most expensive makeup will look like crap if you’re skin isn’t being taken care of. So, with that said, I knew that going through a process like this wasn’t going to be cheap, but I didn’t want to break the bank. I ended up seeing Chris from Barbarella salon on Main Street. A friend of mine has her hair done by him and I’d seen his Instagram and was already a fan of his work. His clientele list is huge and growing but I happened to get in to see him quickly because of a cancellation which was a nice plus. I brought in pictures in my phone from my Pinterest page so he had an idea of what it was exactly I was going for. I would highly recommend doing this especially when seeing a new stylist because they will have NO idea what you like/want without pictures. Explaining it to them just won’t cut it. (hah) Chris told me that what I wanted would be tough to do with my current hair colour and condition as my hair was fairly damaged to begin with. What we decided on was to lighten up my hair, do a “cocktail” shampoo which has some bleach in it, I believe, and then tone as much as we could because it was rather brassy. Getting to my ultimately desired silver colour would take 2 visits. In the end, it came out much lighter than either of us expected. He was thrilled and I was too. My roots were not hideous anymore and I was half way to my dream hair colour!

* I also purchased Kevin Murphy’s Blonde Angel condition which I have to say sits in my holy grail of hair products now. It smells heavenly (like LUSH products) and it’s SOOOO purple!

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