How I have become a HEALTHY blonde and gave up trying to go silver!

Hey guys!


I wanted to write a bit about how my hair has been these days. At the moment, it doesn’t LOOK all that nice, but it’s WAY healthier that it has been in years! For the last few months I’ve been on a hair detox. I haven’t been doing any toning, colouring and trying to heat style as little as possible. I’ve also cut a few inches (at least!). The whole reason I’ve felt the need to do this detox to begin with was because for about a year and a half I was trying and somewhat successfully maintaining “silver” hair. Silver, grey and ashy blonde hair has been a big trend lately. It looks gorgeous on a lot of girls, but from most hair stylists I’ve talked to it’s one of the most costly upkeeps and damaging colours to have. The reason behind this is because you have to have a very light base which requires bleaching if your hair isn’t already naturally light and then you have to tone it to a certain level of ashiness. The toning is what gives it that silver or grey appearance. Now, toners wear off SUPER fast depending on how much you wash and style your hair. Most people have to re-tone every 4-6 weeks. This gets REALLY expensive and can really do a lot of damage to your hair. I finally got to the point where I had breakage so bad that at the back of my head near my crown, I had a chunk of hair about 3 inches long. It was HORRIBLE!!!

SO, near the end of January, I stopped toning my hair (I hadn’t done any bleach since November) and I cut way back on heat styling. I also only wash my hair about twice a week. I also invested in a damage treatment from Aveda called Damage Remedy. This conditioner was a God send. It’s a protein enriched conditioner/treatment so you aren’t supposed to leave it on for more than 5 mins otherwise it can do the opposite of what you want. But MAN, this shit saved my life. After washing my hair, I would almost always let my hair air dry and I would put a little bit of coconut or argan oil into it.  I don’t find a huge difference in “hair oils”, so I just use whatever I have kicking around.  Also, the best advice I got/have seen is using specific hair ties! Those ribbon looking ones are amazing. If you life to wear your hair up in a fun bun or half up or whatever, make sure you are using a good hair tie. I would place money on the fact that the breakage I had near my crown was from my crappy hair tied and top knots. Anyways, I’m on the road to recovery for my blonde locks and have an appointment in May to finally touch up my colour. Here’s to healthy hair and no more silver for me!


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