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How to Get Out of Your Winter Funk

When I had the idea for this post, I was clear minded— in a great space. But as I sit here, starting to write this, I realize I have indeed, fallen into my own winter funk. I don’t know if it was hormonal timing, or the almost expected and punctual feeling of “new year, new me”.

At the beginning of last year, I struggled with facing a reality I had known internally for so long and had twice before, come to terms with, in a professional environment. My attitude was getting the best of me and I was performing like shit, and generally coming off unhappy. This is not something anyone ever wants to face. I personally, am very hard on myself and so having to face that truth and then work through it was incredibly difficult and still is. So, somehow coming off a record-breaking-difficult year, I was still able to end it cool, calm and collected.

But now, I find myself in a position where I am once again faced with a mirror, except this time it’s myself enforcing that and it’s a whole bunch of new pills that I have to swallow.

Things like; where do I go with my career from here? And how am I going to get there? are constantly keeping me awake at night. And although I’m stressed about all the things I have on my mind, I recognize this feeling from last year and I know it will pass. I know that I’m starting this year off with challenges, but I’m looking forward to taking those on. In fact, I can’t wait to look back on the end of this year to see how far I’ve come.

So, without further adieu, here are the little things you can do to get out of your winter funk!

Forgive/Recognize Yourself

Understand that what you are feeling is indeed a funk, and you will come out of it. It’s okay to take however long you need to work your way out of it.

Get Outside

This is the one that I find the most challenging. Some days it can feel like the hardest struggle to even leave the apartment. But I know for certain, that every time I leave my apartment and get outside, I feel so much better. So because of this, I have been pushing myself more and more to do this even when it’s REALLY hard. If all else fails, revert to tip #1.

Give Yourself a Reason to Get Up

Even if it’s something as small as a doctor’s appointment, a coffee date or an obligation you really can’t get out of— yes, your job counts too! Once you get out and moving you’ll realize how much you needed it and you’ll be glad you did!

Listen to Upbeat Music

This is one of my favourite things to do when I need to feel uplifted and motivated. I also love finding new music, and Spotify has really been a great investment for that. It’s only $10 a month for a premium membership (or you can access it for free on wi-fi if you don’t want to pay) and it will curate a “discover” playlist for you based on the type of music you usually listen to. I highly recommend a streaming music app, whether it’s Spotify or Apple music.


One of the coolest things I’ve come to learn about mental health is how it affects our body. When we are stressed or depressed, we hold tension in our bodies like you wouldn’t believe. Stretching is such a great way to wake up the muscles in your body, and feel more energized. In addition, rolling out your muscles with a foam roller does wonders to help drain lactic acid and lymphatic fluids which our bodies can hold on to.

Organize and Plan

It’s one of those things that feels necessary at the beginning of a new year, according to society. But taking a look at what’s in your life whether it’s relationships, material things or obligations, there’s always room for a de-clutter. Marie Kondo is a best selling author and tidying up wizard. Netflix just released a show based around Kondo helping families organize and “spark joy” in their lives. It’s not only super entertaining but really inspiring. I watched one episode and decided to “Marie Kondo” my whole apartment. I highly recommend.

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