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How To: Preventing Creasing

Picture this: You’ve just slayed your makeup. Brows on fleek, pout’s lookin…pouty? But then you go to take a selfie, or you look in the mirror, and your freakin’ foundation and concealer is creasing under the eyes and in your ever so delicate “fine lines.” BLAST! Well, girl …er, or guy, Cass is here to help!

Now, just like any tip or trick I offer, just remember that makeup isn’t life or death and it’s all trial and error. What may work for me, may not necessarily work for everyone.  However, I feel like I’ve tried enough techniques to prevent creasing and this is what I’ve found works the best for moi.

First off, your naked skin. Really take a good look and get to know your skin. Do you have fine lines? Is your skin dry or oily? Knowing your skin is so important and it will make all the difference when you start using the right products for YOUR skin. Using good skincare can also help prevent or diminish any fine lines you have so that applying makeup in the future won’t be such a hassle! Before I apply any makeup or primer I will moisturize my skin. I have combo/dry skin right now (yes, your skin does/can change) so I apply a heavier moisturizer at night and a lighter one during the day. I also apply an eye cream morning and night. I let the moisturizer sink in for at least 5-10 mins. before I apply anything else. This let’s it do its thing. I find it best to use an eye cream that isn’t too heavy as this can add to creasing when applying concealer. Once you’ve given your skin enough time to absorb the moisturizers though, you can go ahead and apply your primer/foundation or whatever step you do first.

Applying concealer/colour corrector


You can see here how I’ve applied my colour corrector only where my dark circles are most prominent but I didn’t place the product to much over my fine lines.  (Mac Prep + Prime highlighter in Bight Forecast)

Then I’ll use my ring finger to PAT over the corrector to blend and press it into my skin. This is so that the product STAYS where I’ve placed it. I find using a brush or even a sponge (if it’s too large) moves the product around too much or absorbs it all.


Then I’ll apply my concealer/highlighter to brighten the under eye area. If you are confused about the difference between colour correcting and concealer, I will have a post on that coming soon!



Again, I am only placing the concealer (Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer) where I want most concentrated and then I will blend it out with my ring finger then further blend lightly with a damp sponge (I use a knock-off beauty blender.) Then I’ll dip the sponge in a bit of setting powder (Laura Mercier Loose Translucent Setting Powder) and tap lightly over all the concealed area to set it.


Sometimes I’ll pull very lightly down under my eye to reveal any creasing that may be there and press it in light to my skin with my ring finger and then re-set it again with powder.


Obviously over time, and if you’re moving or sweating, things will change. Adding a setting spray over top of everything in the end will add a bit more longevity to your makeup.

So, things to consider:

-Apply less product and be careful where you place it.

-Be mindful of the tools you are using the apply and blend your concealer and powder.

-Add a setting spray to pack a 1-2 punch! 😉


Here was the final look


Try these tips out and let me know how they work!

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Have a great weekend.

Cass XO