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Lashes 101

Who doesn’t love to feel sexy and rock some fluffy lashes?

I was getting a lot of questions about the lashes I wear and how to apply them so I decided to fill all you guys in! If you feel like watching the YouTube video tied to this video, I will have it linked down below, but essentially all the info from the video will be linked here.

Lashes I wear

House of Lashes

Style: Boudoir Lite

These guys are my current favourites. They have just enough glam to make me feel like I’m done up but also can look really natural and just like extensions. LOVE LOVE LOVE these!! If you’re in Vancouver, they can be purchased at Curlique.


Style: Demi Wispies

These lashes are super affordable and are a great natural everyday lash. They really blend into your natural lashes well and give me just a bit more volume and length but don’t look super over the top. Available at most drug stores.

Social Eyes

Style: I Woke Up Like This

As you know, I’m always in to support small and local businesses so when I found out local Influencer, Karissa Pukas (@KarissaPukas on Instagram) had her own lash company, I was all over it. I’ve been purchasing from Social Eyes for a few years now and will always go back for these lashes. They are piecey, long and just make me feel like a total babe. I also like the styles, Minx, Minx 2.0 and Whiplash.

The Glue- Duo lash adhesive

The Video

Please head over to YouTube to watch this so you can leave me a comment <3