Looking for a good dry shampoo


So, today I decided that I finally needed to purchase another dry shampoo. In the past I’ve used Dove (aprox. $7 for 200 mL) , Got2B (aprox. $7 for 208 mL) and Marc Anthony (aprox. $14 for 150 mL). I’ve also used Oribe (aprox. $20 for  75 mL) which doubles as a texturizing spray and dry shampoo. I hadn’t used one in a long time (not too sure why) but I finally got fed up and went to Shopper’s to make a quick and simple purchase. I strolled through the hair products isle wondering if I should make a re-purchase or buy something new. I had heard rave reviews about Batisite dry shampoo and after “hmm-ing” and “haa-ing” I decided to go with the Batiste XXL Volume spray. I was just about to head over to look at nail polish (my OBSESSION) when the beauty associate asked if I was finding everything okay. I mentioned I was looking at dry shampoos but found the one I liked. She asked if I had tried it before and I replied no. She then proceeded to demonstrate on her hand that when this particular dry shampoo is sprayed it comes out pure white and has a flaky consistency like powder or clay. I was SO relieved she had told me that as I had heard some dry shampoos did that but never thought to test them out like that. She mentioned a favorite of her’s (a Pantene brand one) but they didn’t have any left in stock. So, I went to the Dove spray which was my second choice, tested it out on my hand and voila! It was clear. AND it smelled GREAT. Thank God for associates like her! I mean, I do have very blonde hair but that was just WAY too white and I didn’t like the idea of having white flakes in my hair… Ew.



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