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Makeup Geek Shadows, Review and Video!

Hey guys!

I’m so excited to finally be back with a new video and review for you!

I recently purchased some shadows from Makeup Geek. If you haven’t heard of them… WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! Just kidding. Kinda. Basically, Makeup Geek is a cosmetic company  that was started by a girl named Marlena Stell who started off on YouTube! She was making videos just like any of the other makeup gurus out there and then decided to start her own line of cosmetics! Right now, she just has shadows but she’s coming out with lots more products very soon! The big hype or fuss about these shadows is because they are of MAC quality and BETTER in some cases and are half the cost! Each pan shadow costs aprox. $5.99 Canadian! So, for 7 shadows AND a medium size Z Palette (which if you also don’t know, is a magnetic palette for any pan  shadows) I paid about $65 including shipping. This was my first time EVER buying makeup online that I had never used before so I was skeptical to say the least especially because getting anything shipped to Canada from the states is such a pain in the ass too. But, I was very happy with what I got and the time it took to get here.

Now here are the swatches!!!


MUG shadows in palette


Makeup Geek Swatches


All of these shadows performed amazingly! When I did the swatches, I just rubbed my finger in each shadow and did one swatch. So, the colours and intensity you are seeing is from one swipe! The only shadow that (as you can see) doesn’t look super intense is unexpected. However, I think this shadow is best used when transitioning or “smoking” out another colour like I did with this look. For the cost of these shadows and the quality you get, I would most certainly recommend them! I will still continue to purchase from MAC because I’m a tride and true fan, but I will probably purchase most of my shadows from MUG here on out because of how impressed I was!

For more information on these shadows and to see others from Makeup Geek, head on over to Marlena’s website!