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Recent Favorites

Hey guys! I’m so happy to be back writing after a hectic past few months. Some of you may know I recently moved (TWICE) and the process of looking for a place and then actually moving has taken a lot of time and energy so I’ve been bummed that I haven’t posted in so long. But, I’m getting back on track now and feeling like myself again so I thought that I’d share with you some of things I’ve really been loving over the last while from a number of different categories. If you enjoy these kinds of posts please be sure to let me know by leaving a comment on here. Also, make sure you’re engaging with me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! All of my media handles are listed on my main page.



OLEHENRIKSEN Face The Truth Gel Cleanser
This is the cleanser I’m currently using, althou
gh I was familiar with it prior to purchasing it. When I worked at Sephora a few years ago, Ole Henrikson (pronounced, Oo-lah Henrikson) was one of the first skincare brands I learned about. The man himself even came into our store one day and is such a hoot! The whole line of skincare is fantastic. I feel like for someone who wants to invest in good skincare but also doesn’t want to break the bank and wants effective, clean skincare than this is the brand for you. I really like that I can see results with this cleanser in just a few weeks of using it. The whole “truth” line is packed full of vitamin C to help brighten and tighten the skin. The Invigorating Night Serum is also another fave of mine!

Clinique City Block Sheer SPF 25
It’s both hard and not hard to believe that after the winter we had here in Vancouver, that the summer has been a scorcher so far. Usually in the summer I wear a lighter coverage foundation but recently, I’ve actually been going foundation free and loving it thank to this stuff! When you first look at this “sunscreen” it looks like a tinted moisturizer but in fact, the tint disappears when you blend it into the skin leaving just a subtle fresh appearance to the skin without any tackiness. I do still spot conceal under my eyes, around my nose and on my chin, but after blending it out, and a little light dust of powder, it leaves me with the most flawless, natural looking skin. I feel like it’s also helped my skin actually be healthier since I’m not suffocating it with layers of foundation all the time. Of course, the best part too is that it has an SPF of 25, but if you want more, Clinique also carries a version with SPF 40.

Escents Natural Crystal Deodorant Body Spray
Escents is an aromatherapy brand that was founded and started by Vancouverite, Jacqui MacNeill. Her story is incredible and her products are divine. I’d be on the search for a natural deodorant for a while and the many I tried left me less than impressed; most of them didn’t do a damn thing. Well, this stuff made me a believer! Not only does it help keep me smelling fresh, but it doesn’t leave a sticky mess, it doesn’t transfer to my clothes and because it’s a spray, I can apply it easily, wherever and I can also use it as a general body spray. I will most definitely be repurchasing this!

Two more sprays…

Because I just can’t resist anything that smells good and refreshes, I also have to include my super simple water and tea tree spray. Seriously, this is SO easy to make and you can use it just about on anything— I could write an entire post just on tea tree oil! I also purchased the Sweet Spot spray from Stripped Wax Bar. Although it’s intended purpose is to freshen up your lady bits, it just smells so heavenly, I use it as a body spray and deodorant when I don’t have my Escents one handy.


I’ve got two favorite pieces from the last few months and I’ve been wearing them like crazy! The first is these Mondetta leggings (see cover photo) from Winners. They’re just as good in quality as some Nike or Lululemon leggings IMO, and they’re so FREAKIN’ cute and comfy! I’ve also been wearing jean shorts like there’s no tomorrow and my favorite pair have been my DIY Levi’s cut-off’s. I finally found the trick to getting them just right (for me) is to find the right style number. I like the high waisted and baggier leg look so I found that the 560’s (vintage) are the best jeans to make shorts out of. That way you get the niced synched waist and the legs are still big enough if you have larger thighs (like me!).


Fenty’s Punch
Yes, you read the name correctly. Named after Rihanna, this drink, created by Chambar’s Rina Nand, won her a ticket to Barbados in Mount Gay’s Barbados Rum competition. Made with toasted pistachio-infused Mount Gay rum, mango juice, Odd Society amaro and garnished with freshly shaved nutmeg, this is a patio sipper you will definitely want more than one of!

Sparkling Water and Frozen Blackberries
I know this sounds simple enough, but I can not get enough! I’ve been trying to limit my alcohol consumption as of late so I’ve been trying to find ways to have non-alcoholic drinks that still taste like I’m having something fun and what an easy way to do this. You can definitely swap out the blackberries for any frozen fruit of your choice but that’s what I had kicken’ around. Frozen fruit vs. fresh is great because it’s keeps the water cold and fizzy!

So Delicious Coconut Cookie Dough
My (somewhat) guilt-free pleasure is this whole line of So Delicious ice cream’s because they’re vegan and gluten-free which is a plus PLUS for me! They’re still not healthy, but I feel a little less ashamed when eating this versus a pile of nachos and drinking a pint of beer. I first tried the salted caramel flavour and became hooked but I thought I’d give this coconut cookie dough one a go, and I was just as pleased. If you’re on the market for a good dairy-free and gluten-free ice cream, I highly recommend checking these ones out.


I had to include some of the music I’ve been listening to lately because it just isn’t summer without a great playlist, so here’s a link to my spotify account and you can check out all my favorite songs on my summer 2017 playlist!