Top Ten ’90s trends that are over or under hyped.


I’m someone who likes to stay on trend but doesn’t like to look basic. It’s a very fine line, because when you legitimately like what’s on trend, it’s annoying (to me) to look like every other girl you pass on the street. This summer, ’90s fashion has made a full blown comeback and it’s hard to step outside without feeling like you’ve gone back in time. Having grown up in the ’90s myself, there are definitely some trends I’ve been happy to see make a comeback. With that being said though, there are definitely some not so great trends that I think should have stayed in the 90’s where they belong. Here are my thoughts on the over and under-hyped fashion comebacks from the 90’s.

1.Calvin Klein sports bras

gigi calvin








This was the first of the 90’s fads that I gave a go. Back in the 90’s I was a little too young to be rocking a sports bra, no less a Calvin Klein one, so this was really my first experience purchasing/wearing one. I really don’t like spending money on stuff if I know it doesn’t cost much to make and it’s only pricey because it’s popular. I went out to the Calvin Klein outlet though, and managed to get one of their iconic sports bras for about 25% less than they are everywhere else (ie. Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom etc.).

Verdict: These bras are not meant to be supportive in any way what so ever. So, if you are are heavier chested, I don’t see how this style of bra would do you any justice. I’m pretty small chested myself, but I consider this more of a lounge bra. I wear it around the house or to bed. It’s comfortable. Do they look cool? Sure. But they aren’t any cooler than any other Victoria’s Secret or no name brand I’ve ever seen. What I do like about mine though is how damn soft it is! So, for me, it’s a hit because I’m a sucker for anything that’s comfortable. I’d definitely buy a couple more.











Ah yes, chokers. I never guessed I’d see people rocking the $2 plastic black chokers I wore as a kid, again. Except now, they’re probably going to cost you a bit more because they’re “vintage” or whatever. I really do like the look of them, but with the right outfit and on the right person.

Verdict: If you wanna try one out I would highly suggest making your own over buying one though as they seem to be a very highly overpriced accessory that could easily be DIY’d for a lot less money.


3.Bucket hats







For the love of God! No. Just no. These can stay way, way, wayyyyy back where they came from.

Verdict: No.


4.Crop Tops









Is it possible to find a shirt at all now that isn’t cropped? It’s almost comical. I mean, I’ve become partial to them because I like the high waisted pants and crop top look on myself, but again, it’s not a look everyone can wear.

Verdict: You do you, boo.


5.White Adidas Stan Smiths







I’m all for the crisp, clean white sneakers. The Stan Smith’s though are a little too basic for my liking though. They’re not exactly unique and they’re not made very well either.

Verdict: Go for something like the new white on white Converse with the Nike insole or even white Vans. Still on trend but a little less basic.


6.Leather and Denim

denim leather moto








Although leather and denim have been popular in many other decades than just the ’90s, there was a certain look to both that stood out in this particular time. Denim on denim can actually look great when styled correctly and a leather moto jacket will never go out of style.

Verdict: YASSSS girl!


7.Floral print









From skater dresses to long flowy skirts, floral print is making a big comeback especially in the summer season. You can dress it up with a pair of heels, or keep it casual with some white sneakers.

Verdict: Yes. Everyone should have a cute floral summer dress!











I haven’t quite decided how I feel about overalls yet. I’ve seen a few people wear them around Vancouver, but it’s not anything that’s been as popular as the choker or sneaker phenomenon.

Verdict: Buy me some and I’ll let you know.











Remember the feeling of a constant crotch wedgie and having to spend an extra two minutes taking off your bodysuit and putting it back on every time you had to use the washroom? Well you can experience that all over again!

Verdict: I don’t want to have a constant wedgie, thanks.


10.Dr. Martens







Did these ever really go OUT of style? These awesome shoes and boots are timeless. They’re well made and can go with so many outfits.

Verdict: Yes, an absolute staple!


There you have it, folks! Of course these are all MY opinions and not facts. Fashion and makeup are always changing and there are really no rules. Do what makes you happy.  Love to you all, and I hope you are enjoying your summer!