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Updated Brow Routine- VIDEO!

Hey friends!


This week I bring to you a video on how I do my eyebrows! It’s just a short little Instagram video, but I wanted to have a blog post for this as well so I could go a bit more in depth. I have really sparse brows so making them look natural can be tricky. I feel like a lot of the videos you see on YouTube or Instagram are of people who have great brows already, naturally. Seeing as how so many people are getting their eyebrows microbladed and tattooed these days, I thought it would be neat to show you how I do mine, because I like to replicate the look of a microbladed brow without actually getting them done. I realize this takes a lot more time in the morning, but for me, I like to be able to switch up the colour and style of my brows and I don’t feel like spending $400+ on my eyebrows is really necessary, especially when that only lasts a year or two. I can always make time for my brows <3


•So the first thing I do is brush out my brows with a spooly. I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills #7B brushIt’s a great little synthetic brush with a spooly on the opposite end. It works amazing with the ABH Dipbrow pomade as well!

•Then I go in with the Glossier Boy Brow in medium and run that through generously. I know most people use just this on its own or if they use it in conjunction with another product, they use it at the end but for me, I like to use it as a guide to see where I really need to add more “hairs”. This also gets them to the desired darkness for me so when I go in with the Dipbrow after, it’s not as harsh looking. After that I’ll go back with the spooly just to brush out any excess product that I may have gone in to heavy handed with.

•Next, I work a little bit of the ABH dipbrow pomade (I use Ash Brown) on to the lid or back of my hand with the 7B brush and then go in with a very light hand and draw little hair-like strokes wherever I’m missing them, generally in the front, arch and tail. If I go too heavy handed, I’ll take the spooly and brush over those spots. I continue to do this back and forth between my right and left brow, making sure they’re relatively even until they look about right to me.

•Once my brows look the right colour, shape and thickness, I’ll run over them with clear mascara or brow gel.

•To clean them up underneath, I use a little bit of concealer and buff it out so the line isn’t so harsh.

Voila! Instagram ready brows.