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Vancouver’s Rainy Day Essentials

To say it rains a lot in Vancouver would be an understatement. We’re North America’s “wet coast” and at this time of year it’s tough to look fashionable while still being properly equipped for the weather. Thankfully, there are certain staples pieces and items that have found their way into the homes of many Vancouverites and in turn become fashionable in our rainy metropolis.


An umbrella

Now although an umbrella isn’t a something that screams “fashion”, it is very much a staple piece in a rainy city like ours. There is, of course, umbrella “etiquette” which should be used when taking public transit, walking on a busy sidewalk or entering public spaces ie. malls, restaurants etc.  When it comes to acquiring an umbrella though, most people either opt for a cheap one or end up obtaining one through Vancouver’s “Umbrella Exchange” ie. the umbrellas left behind in those public umbrella bins. This doesn’t make it okay to get an umbrella this way, but some people see it as a “take a penny, leave a penny” situation. Either way, however you get your umbrella, and whatever kind you have, make sure to have one with you almost any day and be conscious of how you use it!


Knee high Hunters,  chelsea -style Tretorns, or even just some good ol’ Army and Navy galoshes— whatever style you choose to wear, you should own at least one pair of waterproof shoes! Not only are rainboots durable and perfect for hopping in puddles and getting around town without getting soaked, they are actually becoming fashionable! With so many brands and different styles to choose from, you can actually go from stormy weather to work without having to change out of your sensible footwear. Hooray!

Waterproof (trench) coat

A good waterproof/water-resistant coat will get you from your front door to your office or meeting without getting drenched. Shorter length jackets are decent, but the longer cut of a trench coat will help keep your legs dry as well, especially if paired with tall boots.

Waterproofing spray

We can’t always predict when it’s going to rain here; I mean, we could just assume it will rain every day, but believe it or not, there are some nice days.  Either way, by waterproofing your shoes, you won’t be caught in a storm, worried about damaging your leather or suede.  Most shoe stores/departments carry a “leather protectant” spray that will add a silicone barrier to your shoes and help wick away water.  Note: the silicone does wear off, so it should be re-applied (to clean, dry shoes) every 3-4 weeks.

Setting spray

For my makeup lovers out there, a setting spray is a huge help on days when you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the rain/misty air. That, or a pressed powder will do wonders to keep your makeup from slipping and sliding around. My faves are the NYX dewey setting spray or MAC’s Fix +

An oversized sweater and scented candles

This won’t come in handy as much in the rain as it will when you get inside. One of my favourite things to do when I get home from a long day and it’s miserable out is to throw on a big comfy sweater and light a candle— preferably one that smells incredible! My favourite places to shop for sweaters are Aritzia, Urban Outfitters and some of my favourite thrift stores!


Allow yourself to take the time to pamper yourself and relax on miserable days, so that you can regain the strength to tackle life head-on, when the rain subsides.


Have fun looking trés chic!